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the area – En Masses Resort


Les Masses is a small ski resort village situated in the Commune of Hérémence and is accessible from the main mountain road from Sion to the Grande-Dixence dam. It is part of the famous four valleys ski area, located geographically in the easternmost part, at 1500 metres altitude. The village is beautiful and tranquil with outstanding panoramic views across the Val d'Hérens and Val des Dix valleys, including clear views of the Dent Blanche (4357m) and the peak of the Matterhorn. The village has its own high speed chair lift and four storey parking complex which links to the Thyon ski domain and beyond to Veysonnaz, Nendaz and Verbier. It also has an aprés ski bar, newly renovated restaurant, estate agents and small village shop.



The Val d’Hérens lies at the foot of the giant Dent Blanche peak and is an unspoilt mountain valley where the people are proud of their traditions, nature, produce and their unique breed of fighting cows. There are a number of points of interest including the "lac bleu" in Arolla, quaint village such as Evolène and Les Haudères and the pyramids of Euseigne. These pyramids represent one of the best known natural monuments of the Hérens valley, and also represent one of the Alps’ most remarkable geological curiosities. They are protected as being natural objects of national importance and were caused by the erosion of the moraine, of which only columns remain are protected by large stone blocks.


This valley also has numerous places of interest such as the parish church of Hérémence, dedicated to St Nicolas of Myre. It is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture : a sculpture which recalls the time of the construction of the Grande Dixence dam, which the valley is most famous for. The dam is the highest dam of its type in the world and it collects and stocks water from the surrounding glaciers for the production of hydroelectricity. Water-filled for the first time in 1957, this construction holds a number of records. The height of its wall, 285 metres, is unbeaten to this day. It's weight, 15 million tons, makes it heavier than the great pyramid of Kheops. The site and buildings of the complex of the Grande Dixence are open through the summer months to the public and the walk along the lake is magnificent!

Copyright Grande Dixence SA – Photo : essencedesign.com
Copyright Grande Dixence SA – Photo : essencedesign.com